As the way to deal with the economic and financial crisis is radicalizing the birth defect of european integration, leading to the extreme paradox of an Europe without Europeans, it seems clear that the Union conceived as an exercise in institutional engineering or as a space for markets is likely to implode.

Europe can't be no more only a project of the Governments, but should become a construction shared by the people who live there.

Integration passes trough the implementation of communication flows, the activation of discursive dynamics, the circulation of symbolic material that make the supranational project intelligible and desirable.

The creation of a public transnational sphere intercepts, at the same time, issues of democratic legitimacy and issues of identity of the Union.

After the introduction by the Project Coordinator, prof. Adriana Ciancio, prof. Graziella Priulla will introduce the topic talking about the function of communication in the relationship between citizens and public institutions; prof. Paola Marsocci will illustrate the communication policies of the European institutions; prof. Maria Eugenia Parito will identify the problematic points in the journalistic representation of European matters; finally, prof. Rossana Sampugnaro will focus on the management of the electioneering for the European Parliament. Special guest of the event will be Adriana Cerretelli, editorialist, "Il Sole 24 Ore" correspondent from Bruxelles. 

For supplementary material about the topic of the seminar please see:

M. Parito, Comunicare l’Unione Europea. La costruzione della visibilità sociale di un progetto in divenire, Franco Angeli 2012,

M. Parito, L’uso dei social media nella costruzione della sfera pubblica europea in “Humanities”, n.1, 2012

Abstract of the Talk of prof. Marsocci