The seminars will take place in Catania, at the Law Department. Target groups belong to different sectors of the society: scholars, University students, lawyers (Bar Associations), journalists (Order of Journalists) and all people interested in the Project topics.

To extend to civil society the knowledge of these issues and contribute to a sense of civic and political awareness, invitations will be distributed to service Associations (such as 7 Rotary Clubs and 15 Lions Club) of the city and to other voluntary Associations (as UNITALSI, …).

Through a dedicated section of this website, anyone will be able to ask questions to the speakers (in English or in Italian) on the subject of the seminars within 48 hours before the beginning of each seminar. The more original, interesting and frequent questions will be discussed by the speakers and then the answers will be published on the website.

Finally, summaries (in English and Italian) of the interventions of all the speakers will be published on line within a week after the seminar.

The methodology of the seminar will be based on connection and dialogue between speakers and participants, that - via the website - will begin before each seminar and will continue after it.




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