The seminar, starting point of the research, after a theoretical framework on current problems of political representation in modern democracies provided by two Philosophers of Law (Prof. Andronico and Dott. Lo Giudice), aims to analyse the main problematic issues that still characterize the political representation in the EU. In particular, Prof. Ciancio, who has faced on many occasions the study of European political parties, will examine the persistent problematic existence of real political parties with an European dimension, which may act - in accordance with the nature and the role of political parties - as intermediaries between institutions and citizens. In connection with this profile, she will analyse the relationship between the European political formations and the groups within the European Parliament.

Prof. Chiara (expert in electoral matters) will analyse the problems related to the current lack of an uniform electoral procedure, for all Member countries, to elect the European Parliament, and he will give some advices on the type of (proportional) system that could be more convenient to adopt, according to the characteristics of the Union, in case of its transformation into a real political community.

External Speaker will be Prof. Policastro (Professor of Constitutional Law and European Integration at Szczecin University, Poland, and Coordinator of the European Master in “Law and Policies of European integration: European Constitutional Law and Multilevel Constitutionalism”), that will consider the way in which the problems related to the so called “democratic deficit” of the UE are seen in countries which entered more recently into the "European common house" (such as Poland), compared to the original contracting countries (such as Italy). 


For supplementary material about the topic of the seminar please see:

Abstract of the Prof.Alberto Andronico's talk

Abstract of the Prof.Giuseppe Chiara's talk

Abstract of the Dott.Alessio Lo Giudice's talk

Abstract of the Prof.Pasquale Policastro's talk 

- A.Lo Giudice, "La democrazia infondata. Dal contratto sociale alla negoziazione degli interessi", Carocci, Roma 2012 pp.101-150

- A.Ciancio, "I partiti europei e il processo di democratizzazione dell'Unione" in, 2009








Welcome to the seminar


Presentation of NEWS-EU Project (Prof. A. Ciancio, Coordinator)

Prof. Andronico’s oral report

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Prof. Chiara’s oral report

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