The seminar will be opened by Prof. Adriana Ciancio, Coordinator of the Project, which in her monograph “I gruppi parlamentari. Studio intorno a una manifestazione del pluralismo politico” studied the role of "independent deputy" in the European Parliament. The point will be deepened by an external speaker, expert on issues of European integration, Prof. Stefania Baroncelli (Full Professor of Public Law - Italian and European - and Director of the Graduate Course in Economics and Management of the Public Sector at the School of Economics and Management, Free University of Bolzano/Bozen, Italy), in comparison with the role and activities of the parliamentary groups in the EU Parliament.

The seminar will continue with the interventions of Dr.Salvatore Spagano and Professors Maurizio CasertaAndrea RapisardaCesare Garofalo e Alessandro Pluchino (authors of the book "Democrazia a sorte"), that will introduce the audience to an innovative approach which combine mathematical models, analytical tools and computer simulations in order to study the complex dynamics of a social, economical or political system. In particular, they will present and discuss a recent scientific result concerning the simulation of a virtual simplified Parliament in which a certain percentage of legislators could be selected at random among the population and therefore should be independent from the political parties. As the interdisciplinary research demonstrates, both analytically and numerically, this fact allows to increase the efficiency of the Parliament itself, in terms of both passed laws and "social welfare" ensured.

Specifically, through this innovative scientific approach and methodology, it could be possible to calculate how many independent deputies should be present in the EU Parliament to assure the maximum effectiveness of its activity.


For supplementary material about the topic of the seminar please see:

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