The project “New Strategies for Democratic Development and Political Integration in Europe” (NEWS-EU) offers new opportunities for interdisciplinary debate on current problems concerning the democratic development of EU, in order to reinforce the role of lifelong learning in creating a sense of an EU citizenship based on understanding and respect for democracy and human rights.

The first step of the project provides for the organization of interdisciplinary conferences on some "hot topics” of EU integration. The participation of many Scholars in different subjects offers a challenging meeting between academic studies in various areas, to strengthen the legal bases of an inclusive, innovative and secure European society. Citizens will be able to interact with the staff through a dedicated website, named NEWS-EU, available all over the world.

Scheduled activities, advertised on Internet to involve as many people as possible, are open to the academic community and to the civil society, in particular to local Lawyers' Bars and Orders of Journalists (as “lifelong learning” events), in an University that (although geographically decentralized) represents the link between EU and Africa and is always attentive and focused on the consolidation of an "European consciousness" in the citizenship.

The second step of the project provides for the publication of a collection of essays (also in e-book), to allow Scholars participating in discussions to “fix” their ideas in writing and to disseminate them properly within the academic community and civil society.

The publication will be distributed to many Universities (even abroad) and abstracts of the papers will be published on NEWS-EU website. In this way, the results of the project will be disseminated to all people interested in democratic development and political integration in EU and they may offer additional insights on issues of capital importance for the “life” of the Union itself.

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