Adriana Ciancio is the coordinator of the Project. She is Associate Professor with tenure position in Constitutional Law at University of Catania (Italy); Visiting Professor in the “School of Italian and European Law” of the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (Poland); Participation in the project of internationalization of the Faculty of Law, University of Catania on “The construction of European identity: collective security, individual freedom and models of social regulation”, funded by the MIUR for 2004-2006; Participation in the activities of the European Constitutional Law Network “Econet”, instituted at the University of Catania within a joint programme with other foreign Universities; Participation in the Summer school on “Issues of Constitutional Law between Italy and Russian Federation” (University of Catania and University MGIMO of Moscow, 2009); Author of many publications on topics of EU Constitutional Law and matters of European Integration, in which she aims to demonstrate that nowadays it’s necessary to unhook the concept of Democracy from its etymology, based on the idea of ”people” as a group of citizens, to get a new meaning in which the “heart” of each democratic system is the “person” and the human dignity. 

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