Anna Alaimo is Associate Professor with tenure position in Labour Law at the University of Catania since 2002; Ph.D in Labour law in 1991; member of the Bar Association of Catania; member of Committee against mobbing (University of Catania); member of TIMAD (Interdepartmental Centre for the Study of Information Technologies applied to Law - University of Catania); founding member of the Research Centre for the Study of European Labour Law entitled to the memory of “Massimo D’Antona”; member of the PhD board of PhD course in "Teoria e prassi della regolazione sociale nell'U.E.". She works in the field of labour law and industrial relations since 1986. Her production covers several subjects: wage, atypical works (specifically, part-time), worker’s participation and financial participation, globalization and transnational collective negotiation, European social dialogue. Her last books are (a) a monography about right to work, labour market and public employment services in Europe and in Italy (2009); (b) a book about trade union law and industrial relations in Italy (2012). 

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