Alberto Andronico is Associate Professor with tenure position in Philosophy of Law at the University of Catania. From 2002 to 2004 he has been Partner of the 5th European Framework Programme in Research and Development on “Collective Learning as a Contribution to Reflexive Governance. Its Application to Social and Biodiversity Protection Policies of the European Union”, coordinated by Prof. Jacques Lenoble. He held lectures (1998-2001) at the “Corso per la formazione del giurista europeo” instituted by LUISS University (Roma) and at the course (2006-2007) of “Ius civile dell’Europa comune: fondamenti storici e prospettive di integrazione giuridica”, instituted by the Faculty of Law, University of Catania, within a joint programme with other Italian and foreign universities and institutions. His postgraduate education includes a PhD in Philosophy of Law conferred by the University of Padova and a Diplome d’etudes en Philosophie du Droit conferred by the University of Montepellier. 


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